BitchFEST Tuesday!!!

Now it’s been a while. First off that Media law, sadly our media houses are now on top of the roof calling for the law to be scrapped! But I ask…kwani walijua on sato about the law. They have had weeks and tonnes of chances to put pressure on the gava to scrap the law, but no they have to wait till the last minute. Our media is such a mess! Yaani they can’t even band together ALL the time. I’m sure if (after their meeting with the PM) they were serious about having the law scrapped it would have been at the top of the agenda. But our news is MOSTLY driven by commercial interests and the dumb fucks in the media forgot about their own houses burning!

Away from all that, the gava needs to start funding KBC or just sell it! WTF?? This week a good friend of mine was telling me the national broadcaster in debt totalling billions! And worse the gave still needs KBC to cover every stupid conference LIVE. And am told live broadcast cost a pretty penny.

I agree yes you’re gay, but bitch do you need to carry a handbag all the time and wear your sisters tops??? And that crap ati ‘I was born gay’ needs to die. Sexuality is a preference.

Jalango goodness!! And Larry they have the ‘blandest’ arguments EVER! This morning while talking about how Somalia is messed up, Larry tried to be funny about it – at 6.20 Am your JOKE fell flat Larry!

Isn’t it funny how our Media Celebs try to be intelligent on Facebook and we all know they’re thick like Paris Hilton.

*Disclaimer – by talking about the media bill, it doesn’t mean I’ve read it. No, I was just offering my two cents PLUS! Most of the broadcasters talking about the media law haven’t read it either! Kwanza the kawaida loud mouths!


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  1. Posted by happy on January 12, 2010 at 7:08 am

    hi there, i like your blog, very much. you are extremely talented and very funny. keep up the good work. so allow me to correct you on the issue of the media law. when this issue came up last year, the media fraternity had a meeting with the prime minister and came to the agreement that the clauses that were deemed to be oppressive were to be deleted from the Communications Act. So the media then waited for these corrections to be made and then the law published again. the beef now is that the govt has published the new law and managed to sneak in those vile laws again under the term ‘regulation’. That is why the media fraternity is up in arms, because they were betrayed and now the govt has done what it does with everyone, it has shoved a big stick up their asses. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about that so next time you dont have egg on your face when talking about it. sawa?

    Ed Note Thanks πŸ™‚ but why wait? They should have kept talking about the issue until results were in their favour

    • Posted by Godfrey on January 12, 2010 at 7:14 am

      The media should know how to engage in the law making process. In the US, its called “lobbying.” We sympathized with the media back in 2007 and 2008 when they protested against the Media Bill and the Communications Bill. Now, they are protesting again. When is this going to end? Laws are made in parliament not on the streets.

      Jalang’o and Larry are not funny. How they’ve lasted so long is a wonder …

  2. Posted by Lentils on January 12, 2010 at 7:22 am

    If homosexuality is a preference, why can’t shrinks cure it the same way they do rehab for junkies? Media law… Ur very right, they’re acting like they watched news and just found out. But i think everyone has their biases so working together is hard- considering they poach each other every other day. Larry and that guy= 2 stupid dogs

    • ‘If homosexuality is a preference, why can’t shrinks cure it the same way they do rehab for junkies?’ Good question.
      Homosexuality is complicated and though i’m not an expert i doubt that its preference. Attacking someone’s sexuality is wrong, i don’t think its wise to do it regardless of your thoughts on homosexuality.

      • Posted by Yeye on January 12, 2010 at 11:46 am

        Am not attacking anyone – I was just pointing out. You don’t have to take your sexuality to dizzying extremes such as handbags and outrageous tops

      • That is your opinion.
        It’s important to respect someone’s sexuality no matter how extreme as long as it doesn’t affect you directly.

  3. Posted by Anonymous on January 12, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Your blog is usually an entertaining commentary on Kenya’s media. Shame you had to use it to let us in on your ignorant views on homosexuality.

    Ed Note Someone needs to explain if sexuality is a preference

  4. you strike me as intelligent, and you’re a storm most times. Your comment about homosexuality being a preference, is you taking liberties with stuff you don’t know about. Even most psychologists can’t seem to understand why one would want to be gay. Am not gay, I take it your not, maybe we let this guys have some fun for a change?

  5. Posted by Hamdinger! on January 12, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Google baby!

    Thank God for the internet. We are inundated with information about everything under the sun.

    Please type ‘is homosexuality a preference?’ Onto Google, then come back to us with your findings.

  6. Media Bill = Hoax

    Being Gay both scientifically right,yes I said that.y’all remember we studied Dinosaurs,Mammoths,Pterosaurs etc in school. same sex relationship is best ingredient to human extinction which is pretty much understandable (these fools never argue that way though,they always talk this ‘I was born to be gay’ nonsense) so in the next era the chimps and monkeys will be taught in Class how Human Beings came to extinction so in that perspective it’s very right to be gay..but on the flip side kids got to be made to facilitate continuity of the human family..picture that.

    • Posted by Baines on January 12, 2010 at 6:54 pm

      This is the most stupid response ever! That homosexuality will bring forth the extinction of the human race??? HA! As a leading lawyer clearly puts it; preventing lesbians and gays to be together does not cause heterosexuals to marry and conceive more children. Likewise, allowing gays and and lesbians to be with someone of the same sex will not discourage heterosexuals from getting with persons of the opposite sex. How, then, would allowing gays and lesbians to be together reduce procreation that heterosexual couples conceive?
      This is the bottom line; LIVE AND LET LIVE, this gay bashing is so stupid and sad, especially coming from a people who lived under discrimination of British white colonial rule for years. Do we forget that at one time too, black people were considered sub-human and inferior? That a black and white couple was against “The wishes of God” or “African” or “A disgrace to civilized white society”?
      People need to focus on more important things in life, not what two consenting adults are doing in their bedrooms!

      • Baines..
        it seizes to be a bedroom matter when you start pushing for recognition in public,even the Dinosaurs will not agree that their stupidity let them to extinction

      • Posted by julz on March 26, 2010 at 1:41 pm

        i thinku r the stupid one but trying to justify ths evil preference. next thing we know paedophiles will be fightting for their rights too!

  7. Posted by Lentils on January 12, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    I was attacking ‘yeye’ πŸ™‚ the thing about the handbags and female tendencies is likely to be a hormonal and psychological issue. Let’s face it- we’ve met people who we think are fake fags who’re just flamboyant n annoying. Then there are the other extreme who’re intelligent n even conservative who don’t wanna be judged by who they sleep with. Onto media n sexuality, Hatua once aired a show on homosexuality that caused a major uproar. General question, should the media agree promote the fact that there are those here and queer to stay or should it kill the stories because it’s african taboo? Duly note african taboo isn’t always a bad thing- just conservative. Coz if the media bill is passed alot of issues concerned with sexuality will rarely be addressed via tv coz no station will risk fines.

    Ed Note The flamboyant ones that are loud as hell make me mad! I do actually know Gay people that are very level headed, have very good jobs and might pass of as straight, but they’re gay and they don’t need to wear make up to show that

    • Posted by Baines on January 12, 2010 at 6:59 pm

      Responsible Media faces the challenges of the day and puts them forth. It is also considered “unAfrican” to question your elders, yet the “elders” of the Kanu regime lead by “elder” no. one, Daniel Moi, raped this country dry.
      In this instance, I must say the Nation did well by writing an editorial telling people to stop burying their heads in the sand about the homosexual issue in Kenya and also to encourage tolerance. Don’t forget, tolerance does not mean you accept, it means you live and let live.

    • Ed..
      I co-sign and that advertisement is actually my only issue with this set of opposite human beings…but don’t forget some have been drawn into that game cuz of income,like I have a neighbor who’s a dude with an English man as a boyfriend who comes checking him up like ‘bi-monthly’ (if at all that word exist,but it should)

  8. Posted by Anita on January 13, 2010 at 6:53 am

    Homosexuality…mmmmh… Pretty shaky topic here. Well my two cents on that is: there are men who are born with more female hormones leading them femalewise than malewise if u know what i mean. That’s when they claim to be born gay. On the other hand,The sexual act, that’s enables them to feel their part. plus gay-sex has actually been reported from other animals other than humans, eg Dolphins. The loud flamboyant ones are just that, they prefer the word Fabulous by the way, and according to my peer-counselling trainer, they have A.D.D syndrome, and that aint going anywhere soon. On makeup, gay people, female-oriented that is, are simply girls. Can’t tell a girl not to wear makeup now can you. Nope, am not a gay-expert, i said am putting in my two cents, they might be Zimbabwean cents, you never know.

    Ed Note LOL! πŸ™‚ Strong points

    • that should lead to them being Hermaphrodites not gay. even if you are homo,you shouldn’t advertise that sh*t to the masses by putting on female clothes-that way I would say you wish you was female.
      I wouldn’t refute some of your points but then again I wouldn’t co-sign but that Dolphin story cracked me….I’m digging into my encyclopedia now yo..

  9. Posted by jay on January 13, 2010 at 7:40 am

    i actually did a paper for one of my classes where they did research/study n found that homosexuality is actually genetic. something in their genetic make-up predisposes them to being gay. I personall;y dont give a hoot how one lives….kila mtu na chake so who am i to judge….facebook is already being used in court in the north america πŸ™‚ …. happy living y’all

  10. As for the gays, the debate will go on, and on – circular reasoning and arguments.
    But let me address the issue of the Media regulations that were gazettted. Perhaps the starting point would be to ask whether the regulations affect the Journalists as practioners, or the Media owners as busineess people..

    Without doubt, they affect the latter more. Having gone through it, am convinced that majority of it is a replica of the Journalists Code of Conduct. Nothing new. Again, it is exclusively on broadcsat – an area that has seen an unprecedented entry of unprofessionals whose only qualifications are good English and a pretty face.

    Those who have been to journalism classes will not hasten to spew the trash that is the (in)famous breakfast shows. Even in the developed world, eg USA, that we often want to emulate, strict regulations on broadcsat – including the use of certain words and descriptions- is highly regulated and censured. We need to bring some semblance of sanity and ethics in our Media, particulary Radio.

    Let us read the regulations, and understand them without undue influence from those who hate to exercise responsible journalism, if ever they have the capacity to be journalists in the first place. It’s time journalists protected their profession from these Radio DJs passing themselves as Wanahabari !

    • This Mwenyewe guy seems to be an American Conservative Radio Fanatic….GTFOH
      Broaden your radio listening scope and you’ll realize how wrong your information is.Let ME give you a homework you dummy.Listen to bbc 1xtra on and post your findings thereafter..
      I would have given you alot more across the world but I xtra is appropriate for dummie like cuz it’s a state owned Broadcaster.
      From Now on you should call me Teacher Mr. Burns

      • Posted by Mukio on March 3, 2010 at 12:45 pm

        Mr Burns my ass! What are trying to defend? Kama ni mbovu ni mbovu hata kama ni ya mzungu. Mwenyewe knows what he is talking about you tweet. Stop lickin’ m..f..king ass and help to build society. As for this gay debate, just tell those guys to go throw themselves to the sea. Being gay is simply an abomination. Silly!

  11. This guy Baines has alot to cry about…lol
    Personally I have no prejudice against anyone but All i’m saying is,Let Morality prevail…

    • Posted by Baines on January 13, 2010 at 12:45 pm

      Ha ha ha ha ha…Mr. Burns, did you read the heading of this thread? Its Bitch FEST Tuesday……..

  12. Posted by Anita on January 13, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Well Mr.Burn, this might be your lucky day! Many a people have told me how i think alot about everything -altho i must admit: this one time i thot abt the dangers of alcohol to my health, i quit thinking- anyway, i happen to love reading too so here: kindly type in ‘homosexual behaviour in animals’ on Wikipedia. Note that just as it is in human gays, homosexuality in animals involves sex, pair-bonding, courtship and parenting by the same sex. A line n that article reads; ”penguin species where same-sex individuals mate for life and refuse to pair up with females even when given the chance.” read it. Oh, one more reason why Kenyans should stop ranting abt gays in Kenya. An example in the same shows to gay giraffes from… U guessed it… Kenya! We got our very own gay giraffes! Good for us!!!
    P.s next time u meet a gay or lesbian individual, hug them and thank them for adding a lil zest and diversity to our lives. What? No? Well then, make a trip to the giraffe centre and hug all the giraffes then. God bless Kenya! Nice read Burns.

  13. Mr. Mwenyewe could you please post yor findings from the assignement I gave you or i’ma whoop your brains…lol(like I even know him,wtf? Internet is fraud)

    Ms. Anita
    hands down,you know doing a research on some disgruntled opposite folks is a job if not given by God then it’s never going down on me easily..(jus being lazy researchin how people become gay)…that story of penguins and giraffes got me pants down,how I wish they are metaphors yo….Really? as in for real?(sorry wikipedia ain my fav. spot on the net but thanx for that insight)

  14. Posted by Anita on January 15, 2010 at 5:03 am

    Jeez… Why do I even try! Pius please tell me u atleast read it… U ma next hubby for d*gsex!!

  15. Posted by Se moi on January 16, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Bringing up homosexuality is the quickest way to raise tempers, as i have noticed. But humans have no right to judge. Let them be. As God judged sodom and gomora, so will they be judged… Our work is to live on earth in peace…

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