Ma Side-Husstles

Here’s what some of the ‘celebs’ do apart from radio and TV

Churchill – Theatre and some charity work

Fareed – Runs his own company with his best pal Mark Moss Nusu Nusu – the company currently produces a sports show  for Supersports


Keri – Does marketing solutions and events

Sana and Angela Angwenyi are into event hosting – especially karaoke!

Charles Kiarie -does theatre plus voices a whole lot of ads. Speaking of ads, Eddie Kimani has an voice talent agency ‘Sura Sauti’

X Fm’s Raabia is involved in Wildlife conservancy

Nyambane – Sells cars and of course the studio he owns

Esther Arunga owns a spa! Check it out here

Seanice has opened a super hot Hair Salon in Kampala


Pinky – has a marketing and events company on top of running a charity



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  1. The one for Esther is not a rumour. If it is up and running, she does own a spa as I took a photo of her holding a promotional pamphlet of said spa.

    Check out my pics on Flickr for evidence.

  2. Posted by ItsMe on January 18, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Can’t hate on the hustle.

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