What cut??

In ’08 Citizen TV went all out and brought us Kenya’s Secret History. They went into how and who allegedly had killed JM Kariuki! They even interviewed Charles Njonjo!

They showed us teasers of the next Kenya’s Secret History series – the murder of Robert Ouko! It never showed!! What happened??

Speaking of Citizen, Julie Gichuru is back to work but she hasn’t graced our screen yet…eih Julie we need you back on Sunday Live. Not that Belinda is doing a bad job.


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  1. Kwanza where was Julie? Getting yet another kiddo? And what were this storos that her hubby whoops her? I thought she and him are all churchy and saved?

    Ed Note She was on Maternity leave

    • What of the hubby-whoops-her storo? I don’t believe it.

      Apparently those who lived close to them swear it’s true

  2. I was really looking forward to season 2 of that show but i hear the powers that be were uncomfortable with the revelations and so it was axed. Sad.

  3. Posted by Elsie on January 25, 2010 at 7:11 am

    Yeah, we are very tired of Belinda Obura trying to cover her big mid with a freaking paper! Aouch! if you cant work out, stand by your luggage.

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