How to be rich…and still buy bad hair!

Sooo last week I heard peeps dissing this new show on Citizen…not to be left behind, when I got home jana – I decided to watch a few minutes of it. I only managed like 5 minutes (I had Up in the air to watch) all I do is echo what most of you already said about the show. Can the anchor use the advice given by her guests and buy herself some good nywele!


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  1. leave alone the hair, I just don’t like the way she keeps interrupting the guests on her show. and please, the essence of having guests on a talk show is to let them tell their story to the world, but on cue cos talk shows in Kenya only run for 20 minutes na watu wanaboeka already.

    please madam, let the guests speak. borrow a leaf from Carole Mandi of Sebuleni. Keep It Short and Sweet.

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