Somewhere there’s a poem :)

I love love love this woman! Gina Loring. Here’s a few pieces from her

And for the ladies


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  1. Posted by Baines on January 22, 2010 at 5:47 am

    Yeye, clearly gossip is dry in Kenya, :-), your past postings are BORING and so out of touch with a majority of Kenyans. Honestly-as much as I love her-how many of your audience can identify with Gina Loring?
    Its like an American or European blog trumpeting the prowess of Nameless……
    Get back to reality-and your target audience.

    Ed Note Yep it’s a little dry 🙂 these are fillers that have been drafts for a while now. Normal blogging soon…I’d love for people to love Gina Loring.

    We have some moto Capiro news – but we’re giving them the side eye for now. Their shit is becoming a little too much

    BTW thanks for the input xx

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