Who are they trying to impress???

NTV and KTN – who are you trying to impress with your Swahili bulletins? They use such big words sometimes I’m left hanging. I thought that bulletin appealed to those not fluent in English? And if you don’t know English, then that means wanajua kiswahili ya kuomba maji.

Speaking of Swahili bulletins – Lulu Hassan – darling I love you to bits – but go easy on the make-up.


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  1. Posted by eve6 on January 25, 2010 at 10:04 am

    That Swahili is too hard even for people who know Swahili. They should take those bulletins to TZ.

  2. Hey yeye i luv ur posts..bt bliv me dat chic is a natural beauty..her colleagues apply alot..watch leo’s news again.n bout da swa thingy ktn does nt use hard words compared 2 ntv.n 4 lulu i applause her 4 da good jobo she is doing,she inspires many n word is she has bn asked severally kuvuka tariff 2 other stations.i luv dis blog yeye.

  3. hey ma guy i luv dis blog was told by a friend.i luv 2 chics who mek me wana glue myself 2 da tv.LULU HASSAN (ktn) med me watch swa news N PENNY KARIBS (ntv)

  4. Posted by Anita on February 18, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    i dont even watch swahili new coz i need a kamusi too……..but…………….NTV & KTN need lessons from CITIZEN……….there is something about citizen news…its closer to the common mwananchi i guess……they go even to the bundus to get news……

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