Just who is Pete Sinclair??

When Pete Sinclair came to Radio Africa – the changes were swift and brutal! He started a 30 second link policy (which is kinda boring) 30 seconds to say what you have to say and if you have nothing to say SHUT up! Those I’ve spoken with at Radio Africa say he’s downright rude, lacks in proper communication skills and it’s always his way or waiyaki way. Since I rarely take what am told as the gospel truth, I emailed those who work directly with him and the silence is very loud! No reply at all ama the mail got lost in the post. And the only one that replied copied Pete in the email and he responded.For someone working in an industry where TEAM WORK is key, his workmates have a lot to say…NOT

I have been searching for Pete Sinclair on the web for weeks now and when I couldn’t find anything one industry big shot joked ‘Maybe he read a radio manual’

But NOPE! Pete has worked all over the world, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, England and his home country Australia. He’s had moderate success in all these countries, and those we emailed in these countries have nothing but praise for Pete, but some told us he has a TEMPER and sometimes can be hard to worth with if not trivial. He loves baking and gardening (Cue laugh)

Let’s see if he can keep Radio Africa at the top. But I have to ask for someone rubbing everyone the wrong way, how come my role model Patrick (sup PQ) insists on keeping Pete?

Ed Note No Digital pictures exist of Pete – at least that’s what he said

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