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Elizabeth Njoroge can sing really well, she was among those who sang those classic songs (all the wailing gets to me), during the event safcom sponsored. Before I forget, she was such a diva when the event was put together one guy asked why she wasn’t sponsoring it HERSELF!

Away from that— she hosts the Smooth Classic’s show on Capiro, and one lovely lady who loves loves the music on the show tells me she’s going mad with what Liz is trying to pull. She tells me ‘Ebu tell her to stop that whispering/husky crap she’s trying to pull! Cause it’s not SEXY! Hehe I believe she’s trying to be a ‘Nini Wacera’ with knickers!


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on February 4, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    i love the smooth classics show and part of it is because depending on the tempo of the piece that just played she hushes down her voice in such a spectacular way, i love the show, i love the way her tone goes with every piece thats just been played. Yeye listen to the show before you judge her on hear say.

    • Now Anonymous, if what you’re saying were true, after playing a racy tempo-ed orchestral symphony, she’d raise her voice ten notches higher to “go with every piece that’s just been played”.

      Seeing as your theory is one way, I agree with Yeye, it’s a severe case of Wannabe Wacera. She really should talk in her kawa voice coz she’s a very high soprano, so you can be sure her usual talking voice isn’t a low alto.

      She could also tone down on the diva-ness. And wenging “Ee nyumba ya mwari witu”!!

  2. Posted by radioinsider on February 5, 2010 at 5:22 am

    Elizabeth is one of East Africa’s foremost classical music artists. In May last year, she performed before the Presidents of Burundi and Uganda both of who gave her a standing ovation. Kenyans must learn to appreciate what they have rather than work hard to run them down like this blog does.

  3. The problem with Kenyans, is that they only like to hear the good stuff. Any criticism – even the positive one – causes a barrage of defensiveness.

    Liz Njoroge is a superb classical music artiste, and I believe Yeye started by pointing that out. But even performing before the presidents of Burundi and Uganda just doesn’t justify diva-ness.

  4. Posted by radioinsider on February 6, 2010 at 7:48 am

    Still, all you guys do is celebrate mediocrity and and trample on quality. That is why Kenya’s showbiz scene is at best, mediocre

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