Drum this month!

Read about how Carol Radull met her hubby Mike and check out the lovely pics from their beach wedding.

Also Gaetano shares his valentine plans with Drum aaand check out Drum’s interview with Jeremy Ndirangu – Kenya’s rep in the big brother house last year.

For those who read True Love, the cover story is about Belinda Obura…she looks amazing on the cover whaaa!!!


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  1. Posted by Lentils on February 5, 2010 at 7:01 am

    Who cares what gae-5 does for vals? You cannot ride on ur big brother star forever dude. True love was cool. Belinda sounds like a very cool and honest chic. But how silly is Joey muthengi with her emotional overshare about being locked up by dudes? And lying that she flew out for 2 years that i know she spent in machakos academy?

    Ed Note Lentils LOL!! Hahaha boy! Joey makes me happy – next week I have something for y’all on Joey – over ambition at it’s BEST!

  2. Kwanza Wayua Muli is no longer editor of True Love. Hope Judy Munyinyi will do better than Wayua. But to be fair to Wayua, Carole’s shoes were too large a size for most to fill.

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