Rants from an expert…

A certain expert in radio is not happy with the way things are run. He trained most of those on air – and has a vast wealth of knowledge on matters radio. Below is what he thinks of radio now. Part 2 on the way

Kiss FM

Caroline started out with a bang, used to listen to her but got tired. Radio is all about elevation & spontaneity(She’s lost this).Basically she ruled during her time but for now she needs to quit and venture or give 100% to her other marketing ventures(coz its quite clear she doesn’t know what she’s doing as a Programmes Controller i.e. A club hype man on-air and what’s even worse in the evening?
Jalango & Larry (The other loud guy).Who put them on-air without the radio basics? Anyway they have nothing new to offer.

Sana-Eloquent, nice voice but we need to get back to the basics of why one should be a presenter. You should have something to say or be interesting enough for me to want to listen to you.

Kaleche & Shaffie: First of all the way they introduce themselves is corny Kalekye Mummo….wait for it AND MEEEEE Shaffie Weru. Get another line. Honestly Kalekye kicks ass she’s quick and a must listen but she needs a bolder co-host or rather interesting one. Shaffie presenting ain’t your thing boss we’ve heard you while alone waarrr the blunders you make (nervousness) and no vibe at all. Stick to Producing bro (If that’s really that’s what can u do)


DNG…Ohhh God He presents as if he’s Mceeing imagine him too hyped up in the evening? When you’re trying to get some sleep Big Mistake. Give him Mceeing gigs but ban him from the studios.

Is there any other presenter?

Nope! The news is ok Entertainment quite good too. Too shallow though I mean Nonini is launching a new album why can’t I get the info here? Do your homework.


Maina & King’ang’i Brilliant show I think the rest of the Kenyan presenters should take a leaf from this two but big ups to their producers for his good job since Maina has never done a live link in his life (Guess that’s why he sounds perfect on-air but wait is it cool to hear him on-air then when you check in at the Guava Tree you find him there seated there.

Classic have never got it right during this time. No one has ever impressed during this time Angwenyi??? Hell no I cannot relate to her On-air she sounds as if she’s not from this country but when I saw her I was like really? Find another career Angwenyi what happened to your singing career?


Ian, okay Brotha you make radio sound bad. What’s up with the trying to be deep and fake weng of yours? C’mon Classic Let this Model go he’s good at being a model period man.

Capiro FM

Breakfast: Who are these people again? Play the music

Midmorning: Too Loud I don’t care whose there.

AfterNoon/Drive: Go Cesss Gooooooo.you just need a partner who can challenge you i.e. Hint Hint Kwach.

Eve Refer to Caroline Mutoko above. Your time is up.

LateNight: Play music no presenter Please

Easy FM

Munene (Bring back the other two goons i.e. Teddy & Ngatia and just do what ya’ll used to during the days of Nation.

Is she still there? NOooooo! Sheila with her fake accent is just too much. She sounds like she wants to be a kid but let’s face it you of all self is afraid of even knowing your own age you’re too old.

Ngatia (refer back to breakfast).Shiko, just do busted and even move it to TV ya’ll have two signals make use of the airspace.

Didge AKA The D.I.
Okay this show sounds like he’s (Jerkin’) off with the shshshshshs Call me up ladies shshshs and just tell me what ya’ll wanna listen to and ama shhshshsh!Stop that and you’ll be okay.


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  1. Re: Eve De Souza.

    It was interesting to see her hating on Debbie Asila on twitter the day her show premiered on Uptown Radio. I kept thinking “Really? When all your former listeners are tuned in to Corine every night? Really Eve?”

  2. Nice post… my sentiments EXACTLY… except for Eve, she’s not getting better, but I really don’t see anyone else in that spot. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on HomeBoyz!

    Ed Note
    He’s going to review ALL stations. He might even do TV

  3. Posted by mjuaji on February 10, 2010 at 7:43 am

    Eve sucks, Caroline still has some life left in her and Didge is stuck on the Keith Sweat Era

  4. i think Shaffie is good…dude is the most interesting person to listen to on air since Leo left us….Solo also helps Eve’s first hour….


  5. now thats an awesome critic…fantastic piece…..cant wait for the rest of them……

  6. Posted by BARBARA on February 10, 2010 at 8:53 am

    great piece Mr ed/ or who it was…….caroline and Eve should pave way, ….maina and kingangi the best, rae and gae- WHO ARE THOSE?????…….the rest- not worth mentioning…But Ciku and Ngatia are good in the evening…why lie……

  7. Posted by SYNTAX on February 10, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Hold up a second, who’s the author again? what does he/she do?
    Lemme give my side on this:
    Radio is much more than a personality,a mixer,a microphone and a transmitter and as much as this is a personal opinion, I cannot buy into this guy’s side of the story,maybe a little bit on that Easy Fm story cuz I don’t know Easy Fm that much besides Knowing that Sheila Mwinyiga and ciko are lead presenters and that it’s owned by NMG…
    The thing is, Target audience and Radio format matters a lot and from this guy’s perspective I’m pretty much sure he/she didn’t give that a thought.
    ‘We are a youth station but my show is much more than just music to entertain youths’-says Caroline Mutoko,she went on to say ‘My show is the voice of the people across all ages who can read and write cuz we dig into the issues that affects them,we not necessarily about where the next big gig is per se but as a station we are’. so picture that and I’ll tell you confidently that amongst the top radios,Caroline Mutoko has prevailed on that and she’s held it down so perfectly that I don’t see any one knockin Caro’s hustle on air any soon…
    Eve D’ Souza: I’m still a fan even though she blocked me on twitter..Nothing personal but when It comes to that evening show,I kinda think Corine is not at Eve’s par content wise,Fine Corine has that mad and crazy energy( that’s why I like that gal) but Eve does radio in a conversational manner which is a very important aspect of being an On-air Personality,she might be old and all but remember both Oprah Winfrey and Larry King is still on radio so that’s no excuse to underrate Eve. well you might argue that Soulo is a perfect side-kick that’s why Hit’s Not Homework is dope but how many times have you listened to Eve on the solo? Trust me,she way much better than when they with soulo..Corine is a force to be reckoned with but against Eve,I would give Eve 8/10 while Corine 5/10..

    Shaffie and Kalyeke have that connection with the listeners better than any other show xcept Citizen radio’s Breakfast show and Classic’s Breakfast show and just to be Precise, other than Gmoney I don’t think there’s any male presenter who does it better than Shaffie Weru

    again,I’m not hating just puttin everything into consideration…maybe i’m wrong(ofcourse i’m wrong to you)

    • Posted by a dude on February 10, 2010 at 4:24 pm

      u come across as a feminist of sorts who jumps up when someone talks stuff against ladies.
      Fact:Carol was cool now she’s just bearable most times irrelevant,self absorbed and boring.Having a good cause/good intentions for your target audience doesn’t mean people will listen..as a matter of fact if you’re the opposite people tune in more e.g. Fareed,Maina who talk sex and drugs all the time.I bet more people watch Porno than Oprah.Oprah was hot but now she’s yawnish.

      Fact:Soulo makes the 1st hour kick major ass when she teams up with Eve as compared to either of them alone.Lesson-teamwork rocks

      My opinions: Shaffie is boring with flashes of jokes here n there but generally the show is not that interesting to me.Easy is sadistic and immensely boring.I’d rather listen to that station that plays rnb without presenters..in fact I’d rather have my teeth plucked out with a hot pliers than listen to Easy FM.

    • Posted by Baines on February 11, 2010 at 9:03 pm

      Caroline Mutuko is the greatest radio diva of our time, just like Maina Kageni, but to say that Caro is still on top of her game is being rather too optimistic and out of touch. Caroline Mutoko passed her sale by date in 2008. She has been so boring with that clown she has, its a pain listening to Kiss in the morning anymore.
      This critic is very fair and balanced, target market or no target market.

  8. Posted by Lentils on February 10, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Mr. Critic isn’t that good coz he’s not recognized one major flaw with kenyan radio. Anyone who’s done journalism knows that doing a show over an hour long is pushing it. In kenya we have shows from 2-7! Same presenter jo! Or 6-10! As far as content is concerned you end up repeating yourself over time. Pretty soon no topic is new. The season shows shouldn’t be long is to allow for variety… For lack of better description… To refresh listeners as opposed to sinking into monotony that may not even be conscious. Bbc has had presenters who’ve pulled off 25 years on air with massive following. Mr. Critic needs to figure out what programme controllers and producers are doing wrong coz presenters portray the stations ideas

  9. Posted by binti mswahili on February 10, 2010 at 10:20 am

    wow! finally someone who has the guts to critic old has beens in this tired industry of ours. im glad yeye has said it the way it is we should just get rid of the musical chairs participants and get new people on air to liven up what is clearly a tired industry. i totally agree about eve she’s way overdue get a promotion woman leave the young talk to the young ones, Corine has come into the scene and beaten you give up and get another job! or atleast act your age and this goes to shaffie, and sheila mwanyiga! nkt!!

  10. Posted by BARBARA on February 10, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Binti lolllllllllllllllllllllllllest made my day lolllllllllllllll

  11. Posted by eve6 on February 10, 2010 at 11:25 am

    And who is this expert if i may ask and what are his credentials?

    Ed Note He is one of the people who shaped the big personalities – he’s no longer in radio

    • Posted by eve6 on February 10, 2010 at 1:15 pm

      This is bad journalism. A story without a named source cannot and should not be trusted.
      If he is going to make such strong claims about people who have shaped the face of radio entertainment in Kenya then he would better be brave enough to take responsibility for his statements.

      • Posted by Godfrey on February 10, 2010 at 2:19 pm

        The nature of journalism has changed. Information is no longer the preserve of experts, leaders and trained persons. Thanks to ICTs, everybody is a newsmaker these days and the important thing is to exercise good judgement. Regarding this post, much of what has been said here has been voiced in other forums and therefore the credibility of this ranting is fairly high.

  12. @syntax well put……but are you on caro’s side?her and her bag carriers (read jalan’go and larry )are monotonous….same shit different toilets….

  13. Posted by msikilisaji on February 10, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Finally someone whose listened and has come out to say the truth about our Kenyan radio scene please add more on this.
    P.s. Do heads of Radio & Programme Managers read this?If they do they should do something about this WE ARE TIRED & WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED NOT BE WENGED FOR.

  14. Posted by SYNTAX on February 10, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    bobbysyoks …..
    I was just gettin these folks to understand my view on Caro and why she cannot be replaced at this point of time..as for Jalang’o and Larry,they doing what they got to do and how they doing it is in accordance with their contract..

    Folks got to read,I’ve never been in a Journalism/Communition class(though I’m intendin to do that soon) but there’s something we call a Zoo format in radio.Everyone go read a Zoo format and you’ll find ya’selves being irrelevant in criticizin Jalang’o and Larry (Not that I like them) but that’s what Radio is.

    Anyone trying to bring the age issue when comparing Eve and Corine I think should be banned from Media Madness cuz that’s Dumbness straight up no chaser..Tim Westwood is 50+ years and has one of the Hottest Drive show in the UK,Funk Flex is 42 years and still has the hottest eveing show in NY back home we have Gmoney is 30+ and still rocks Homeboyz in the Morning in a Major way,why the would you say Eve D’ Souza is irrelevant? I mean c’mon she’s way far much ahead of Corine….way way way far much ahead…Hit’s Not Homework baby!!!!!!! Kill yourself.

  15. @syntax come slowly,i never said anything about those two..corine and eve….each has her own way of connecting with the crowd….i like them both….

  16. Posted by SYNTAX on February 10, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Sorry you connected all the paragraphs….i replied to ya comment on the first paragraph..lol

  17. Posted by Anonymous on February 10, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Definatly eve has more xperience than corine, but she has to keep getting fresh ideas otherwise she gets monotous and kinda boring and by fresh ideas I mean not just a few words she repeats e.g. waaaarrrt! I think Caro has got more life in her coz she addresses real issues and will remain relevant for a long time to come.. as much it aint entertainment what she addresses is stuff every1 can identify with even her critics. As for Capital in the morning can’t stand it anymo.

  18. Posted by SYNTAX on February 10, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    “Definatly eve has more xperience than corine, but she has to keep getting fresh ideas otherwise she gets monotous and kinda boring and by fresh ideas I mean not just a few words she repeats e.g. waaaarrrt! I think Caro has got more life in her coz she addresses real issues and will remain relevant for a long time to come.. as much it aint entertainment what she addresses is stuff every1 can identify with even her critics. As for Capital in the morning can’t stand it anymo.”- I concur with this 90% cuz of that Caro bit but on the Eve’s bit..not at but that’s the spirit of argument.

  19. Posted by Be Positive on February 10, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Kenyan Radio and Kenyan listeners are interesting. Interesting in the fact that despite everyone having opinions on whats wrong, no one seems to know what to do to fix it. The Kenyan Radio market is very small, not small based upon reach, but small because the industry is, for the main part, based in Nairobi. Therefore presenters rotate between stations. In any radio market, talent rotates, you notice it in Kenya because there are only a few stations that can pay the big guns enough to make it worthwhile.

    I’ll give you an example. In the 90’s Chris Evans hosted the Radio 1 breakfast show in the UK, he left there and went to Virgin Radio, did some TV, went to Radio 2 and now has replaced Sir Terry Wogan on the Radio 2 Breakfast, which is the most listened radio show in the UK. Almost 20 Years in the game and is now at a new peak in his career. in Kenya we would call him recycled, in the UK we would say hes had a career. ….. These are facts.

    The problem in Kenya is this, we have people who DO radio, as opposed to people who LIVE radio. Whether you like Caroline or not, you had all better hope she is still doing radio during the elections in 2012 – No presenter has articulated the view, plight and suffering of the Kenyan People like she has. Thats without question. You might not like how she does it, but she does. You have the choice too listen or not. Radio is a career, like a lawyer, or a doctor. Do you think your Doctor is going to retire because there are younger Doctors around, get real….. these are facts

    You do not fix radio by employing presenters, you fix radio by employing people, on the back end who know how to create radio. If you go into the majority of radio schools, journalist courses, whatever, ask the kids what they wanna do in radio – 80 percent say they want to be presenters, no one wants to be the producer, music programmer, programme controller – Everyone wants to present, when the easiest way to get into radio is through production. Ask Shaffie. – These are facts

    Its not about be negative in my humble opinion, its about facing reality – You get the radio that you deserve. You say you hate Kiss FM, yet look at their figures, someone is listening, you hate the stuff Maina and Churchill do in the morning, once again, I will tell you – look at the figures. You hate Metro, look at the figures. Jay Z said it, “Men Lie, Women Lie, numbers dont ….” And dont tell me you listen because you dont have a choice. There are 96 stations licenced for Nairobi – 135 national – Once again, these are facts.

    All over the world, young people get involved in radio, working as trainees, for free for months in the hope of getting put on. The current mid morning host on V103, Atlanta’s most listened to station, used to be the traffic trainee, You be the change. Don’t tell me about what they taught you at University during your journalism course, a course based on outdated models. How will Kenya adapt to Digital Media, What will be the benefits? How will we change a nation brought up in the analog world? How is/will the listener base change. What do people want? Those are the questions YOU need to ask. What type of radio do you want? Why are there no speech based stations here? Will there ever be a music based station? Those are questions. Real questions.

    Radio pays well, anyone who gets into it doesn’t want to leave, why would they? The fakers will be exposed because is not something you do, its something you LIVE.

    On a final note, if the person who wrote this piece is responsible for the biggest names around now, then isnt he/she partly to blame for the mess we are in now? Are you telling me not one of his/her students lived up to any level integrity when it came to creating radio… If I was him her, I’d be a bit peeved. I am not hating, it’s just a question …..

    Ed Note
    Whoever you are – YOU WIN!!! Good stuff! Cheers!

    • Posted by Mr. Burns on February 10, 2010 at 4:01 pm

      Be Positive…

      I SALUTE YOU Not cuz I know who you are but cuz that was a lesson worth Kshs. 1m -That’s approximately the much most Journalism Students pay in school fees for 3-4 year in Uni…..Caroline Mutoko says Radio is a craft not a Job and you don’t do it,you live it,what more can a son of Man being who’s been mentored by the best industry players add on this? Nothing but I would advice all my fellow Kenyans that we should learn away from Home,listen to Foreign Radios online thereafter check ourselves and critic with some substance to back up our opinions,maybe that way we shall make the PCs have a reason to do it our way.

      You’ve made my day Bro.

    • wow! real talk! we need to be the change we want to see….back when i wanted to be an emcee….i studied those who’d done it and excelled….then i worked hard as hell to master the craft of rhymewriting in my style and on what i saw everyday….

      what i’m getting at is that we must study the masters of the craft in order to master the craft ourselves then change the media game in a way that’s relevant to our audience….


      • Posted by radioinsider on February 14, 2010 at 12:14 am

        Eve D is a legend and brilliant at what she does. If you do not agree, then what are your credentials?? Can you walk the path she has treaded? And it is ridiculous to compare Corine to Eve. Corrine is talented but in this industry, you do not just claim things, you earn them.

  20. Posted by Anonymous on February 10, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    wah…. BE POSITIVE…. well put…. i like i like i like….. excellently reasoned..

  21. vwalalalala….. @be positive ….uko tops

  22. Posted by Msikilizaji on February 10, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    Be positive I feel what you’re saying but using examples from the UK n all that gibberish is totally out of bounds.We are Kenyans and never shall we be Britons or Americans.Lets try to be us and people will love us for who we are(ask vernacular stations).Not for who we want to be.As a listener I think we deserve the best and if we don’t have it,then we shall demand it.The girl/guy who wrote this is practically right on some of the mentioned.If you are one of them,who was mentioned I suggest you go back to the drawing board or rather dictionary and look up the word ENTERTAINMENT.Better yet if you’re part of their heads,figures don’t lie but they can be bent(KSHS) to lean towards a particular house since money talks.

    I think we all agree on some of the things but as you said we need to fix it how to?Maybe through another column or blog but I think this is the way.Fixing it is quite easy.How come we don’t source for new talent out the streets?Guys are hungry out there and would wish for just a chance to be behind the Mic and they would show you what they can do e.g. YFM was a fresh new sound that if stayed for a while,would’ve become something.

    For those who are trying to blow a few horns on behalf of Shaffie & Eve,date back to Nation(Munene Ngatia,Teddy) That was when Radio was radio.Days of the late YFM (These kids made some of the big shots learn & start speaking Sheng.Some of them began fights with them about music since they knew where they were coming from.

    Be positive don’t mean to step on your shoes but don’t shoot the messenger .Lets have more of this am sure by the end of it,we shall help shape radio in Kenya.

    • Posted by Be Positive on February 10, 2010 at 6:10 pm

      Some good points my friend and I am I am not saying radio should mimic what happens abroad. The points I am raising relate to the principles of radio. Radio mirrors society. There may well be talent out there undiscovered, but I know for a fact that its hard to unearth them in Kenya. Radio is dynamic, but the principles of good radio do not change, regardless of the territory. The undeniable pillars of good radio are to Inform, Educate, Entertain and to be personal. Let me give you another example of how we fail in this. In Kenya, we expect the same people and station to tell us about Beyonce, Jua Cali, Football and then address serious issues. Think about this scenario:

      Presenter: Thats the latest from Christina Millian, who just gave birth to the Dreams 3rd Child ……. now we speak to Prime Minister Raila Odinga about the draft constitution ….” How do I take that presenter seriously as an authority on either subject?

      The point I am making is this, radio stations need to know who they are serving, the majority people who listen to Classic dont care if Lil Wayne is going to jail. That might be big news on Homeboyz, but it means nothing on Jambo. Until you get people who understand the BACK END of radio, the science of it, you can’t fix the output. Regardless of who is behind the Mic You cannot build a house from the roof. If Maina left Classic to go to Homeboyz for example, he shouldnt sound the same, the back end team would need to be skilled enough to get him to change his style to suit his new AUDIENCE. Here we would let him do as he pleases.. Am I lying?

      The point I am trying to get across is this, if you want to make change, be about it. Enthusiam is undeniable, I know for a fact there are people working in radio now who got there because of their tenacity and refusal to take no for an answer. Radio needs segmenting if its going to grow. Regardless of the country you are in, there is no way I should be listening to the same station my Dad listens to and expect the same listening experience. i am sure YFM was dope, but why isnt it there no more? Because the fat advertising executive is not going to spend money on a station where he doesnt even understand the news …. It’s a no brainer.

      In fact, it goes deeper than that, every station in Kenya is chasing the same money from the same advertisers. The only station that has bucked that trend is Capital by positioning themselves and knowing who they are talking to. Regardless of who likes what they do, they are in sync with their primary listeners, who sorry to say might not be me or you, and their advertisers. As Digital media develops, the stations who survive will be the ones who know who they are talking to.

      I am all for change, I have spent all my life making changes so I know its about being proactive, so I welcome the debate, but until people are willing to stand up and work towards those changes, nothing will change. There is no quick fix.

      • Posted by Msikilizaji on February 10, 2010 at 7:07 pm

        Summed up like one in the industry.I like it and understand all about TARGET AUDIENCE e.t.c. It seems you’ll inclined to the Money makers rather than the value of entertainment. That’s where our problem is coming from. Our stations are all about whose making how much.I do agree that presenters have (cars to fuel then over speed to write them off) and I-Phones to buy and loose in clubs while drunk but why are we the listener being robbed of our right to be entertained?
        Am happy for the amount of money Capital is making and all(Hope it reflects to the presenters cheques) but think about it if in an hour you have ads,Promos,Talk ups then what’l be the need to even name the show something else(Just call it the Commercial show or the Ads 360).

        Am for change and totally agree but I will also like to disagree on a few pointers 1rst. on what u said i.e In Kenya, we expect the same people and station to tell us about Beyonce, Jua Cali, Football and then address serious issues.I’d like to correct you on that.Kenyans don’t care about what Beyonce does or whether she slept with the bodyguard or not.(The Internet is there.There are sites I can get that and all that irrelevant stuff about Paris Hilton giving Eminem V.D e.t.c

        Kenyans want to hear about Juacali and his en devours i.e. which company has awarded him a contract why?I can relate to him more He’s Made it so why cant I.On addressing issues his new song Si Kupenda Kwangu He says politicians just talk and when it comes to delivery nothing so cum 2012 he aint voting for them.To your point this 2 coexist how e.g.

        Presenter:-JuaCali there with his new single off his new album Tu GenGE Yajayo interestingly he’s landed another contract with Virgin Atlantic which I’ll be telling you about in bit but if you heard his last line, he clearly stated his position on politicians.He’s given you his what about your’s listener?cum 2012 are you going to EMPLOY back your MP or give him an extension to his contract.

        There you go entertainement,latest info plus serious issued not forgetting relation with the listener.

        Your other point about “I am sure YFM was dope, but why isnt it there no more? Because the fat advertising executive is not going to spend money on a station where he doesnt even understand the news …. It’s a no brainer.” I do not agree with you why?Why are most of the ads in sheng?Does the advertiser think Kenyans are no brainer’s(In your words)The brilliant mind who came up with this(Programme’s Manager there) is the same one whose giving other media houses a run for their money since his stable is eating up three quarters of the masses ears and revenues(Convince me otherwise n tell me why Radio Africa,NMG,Capital Group,Standard Group are replicating the swahili format).

        In Katt Williams words dont worry I’ll wait.

  23. Posted by Ms.royal on February 10, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    I may not have appreciated this thread at the start, but I appreciate what it’s turned into. We place a lot of blame on presenters sumtimes instead of looking at the bigger picture… There are a lot more than just one person with a stake in the outcome of a show. And a show is just one piece of a stations puzzle. And responding to what someone just said… Over the past couple yrs there hz been LOTS of new talent discovered. Think of the younger stations that have come up. The XFMs the HBR the GHETTO radios etc. It takes time to hone skills. Lets not kick people doing their jobs with passion, when they r trying to lift their game. You work and you grow during your time at your workplace, so why expect a Polished article from someone whos bin in the game one year? Great thread by the way PK.

  24. Posted by a dude on February 10, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    I think with recent times stations have identified target markets pretty well, but have not identified how to communicate with them.

    The thing about having an effective back end (behind the scenes) is true.However most stations have a behind-the-scenes crew. This crew will help determine the personality of the station through the music,sound,indoor and outdoor attitude of the station and the type of talk that fits in.Most of them are not well paid.Ironically also,vernacular stations work really well with very little behind the scenes support.

    However in Kenya major disappointments are in the selection and hiring of these people.Persons responsible are not good at pin-pointing the right people to align to the stations’ personality.This process is an emotional one,where over and above qualification on paper,these individuals must possess a particular attitude.

    For instance Homeboyz Radio is a Youthful station.therefore all the people on board from the people on air,to the writers,producers, engineers, sales team should possess this attitude.This way the personality of the radio station is felt by listeners and advertisers alike. You cannot speak of Maina ever being relevant on Homeboyz radio because his personality will not allow.

    This selection of such individuals is probably the hardest part of making a radio station.It’s like courtship-finding the right one! It requires good character judgment,some sort of psycho-analysis of the individuals and a natural knack for it.

    I think the talent is there,for the on air stars and the people behind it all.It’s just that we lack bosses who are not willing to pay BTS people well, and either can not identify or are not bothered to get the right people.

  25. Posted by Baines on February 11, 2010 at 3:42 am

    This is the best analysis I have ever read on Kenyan Radio, I cannot believe that this has never been published in the mainstream media. This is very good stuff. This time I am actually glad I check into media madness. This is good stuff Yeye, keep it up.

  26. Posted by BARBARA on February 11, 2010 at 4:00 am

    MR EDITOR i applaud you on thi-s these are the topics and news we NEED- SOME ONE SAY HALELUYAH….i swear this is the best piece to ever coem from MEDIA MADNESS- and the intelligence put here by the conrtibutors is jus AMAZING- dwell on such constructive pieces MR EDITOR- leave the trash talk to PULSE AND ZU SOME THING………………

  27. Posted by Lentils on February 11, 2010 at 5:09 am

    I’m feeling educated. Thanks for the forum dude. Best ever analysis. Very objective. Be positive made a fantastic point, if this expert is such a giant he’s partly to blame. If we could mobilize focus groups with such great minds imagine the changes we’d effect.

  28. Posted by Mr. Burns on February 11, 2010 at 6:57 am

    Be Positive & msikilizaji…

    Both Ya’ll made substantive points cuz y’all prolly in the industry in one way or another and you know the craft. Take it on a perspective of a listener who thinks that the On-air Personality is all that Radio entails,this is the same person who will ask why Kiss 100 is playing same jams over and over again and will get pissed for that without trying to understand the significance for that..

    Msikilizaji: on Comparison of Kenyan Radio to foreign radios is very in order given that 90% of the features we listen to on our radios are jerked from abroad plus we got imported shows on our radios with some imported shows becoming bigger than the local shows,that in it self indicates how Kenyans are hungry for Good Radio. a good example would be Silverstar Radio on Homeboyz,it’s like the biggest Dancehall show in Kenya currently but How many Dancehall shows do we have in Kenya? if you can count and name then do so. and that’s where the 4 pillars of Radio as stated by Be Positive comes in..

    All in all I applaud every other sensible comment that came in,that was a class..lol

  29. Posted by Jay on February 11, 2010 at 7:14 am

    Debate well articulated. Could we now move on to tv. I feel like there are many tv shows undeliving their potential

  30. Posted by Jamo on February 12, 2010 at 4:37 am

    what makes this idiot an expert….i bet he sits in an office or kiosk all day listening to radio…so maybe he should do it…or maybe its Tony Gathecha from Capital…the guy who forced FK to leave the morning show…and subsequently should be faulted for its downfall!! end of story…

    Ed Note Speaking of Tony – check out the blog on Monday and read all about why he’s a BIIIIIG problem at Capital

  31. Posted by Mainest on February 12, 2010 at 7:29 am

    Hmmmm. Radio ain’t a job any Tom, Jane or Harry (coz Dicks don’t deserve a spot thurr) so before casting aspersions or blatantly hating on a presenter based o personal feelings is kinda lame. It true that some (if not presenters) are kinda flaky. Lets just hope that they know what it do and step up their game.

  32. Pius, I’ve never commented on this blog but do read all posts. Thanks for this particular post and the debate it has elicited.

    So what makes me comment today? The answer is Be Positive, for several reasons:

    1) You singularly changed the entire comments thread from name-calling and hating on presenters and radio stations… to a healthy debate. Kudos for that!

    2) Your comments are based on fact, I can attest to the credibility of your examples that mentioned Atlanta’s V103, Chris Evans on BBC Radio etc. I have to admit that I listen to Online Radio ALL DAY, to stations in the US, UK, Australia, etc. I therefore have a very good idea of just how badly local FM stations suck.

    3) Those talking about not making mention of other (global) markets… I say, what happened to learning from those who’ve already done it like the BBC, CNN, Oprah and CBS Radio? They are successful for a reason, it’d be good to know and discuss that reason and then adapt our LOCAL radio market based on that fundamental lesson.

    I must admit I very rarely listen to local FM, and when I do, it’s usually the BBC, Shaffie and Kalekye or weekend Talk Shows on Radio 316, Inooro and Coro FM. Otherwise, Online Radio makes me agree with Be Positve that there is a need for change in our local radio industry.
    I have however taken time since 1996 when Capital and Metro FM first launched, to discover local FM stations and listen to every one of them, be it Iqra, Sound Asia, Biblia Husema, Radio Umoja, East FM, Y FM, China Radio Int and any other FM station which I suspect some of the loudest and meanest commenters above have no idea ever existed or still exist today.

    Thank you all!

  33. Posted by Truth on February 14, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    seriously. can’t lie, i read this blog. but this article is the most shit-filled, so i had to interject. who the hell is your “expert”? i’m surprised kenyans are so gullible too. grow a spine.
    but like i said, i read this blog. so on with the shit-filling, i suppose. i hope you’re proud. and that you commenters feel really smart. 🙂

  34. Posted by achie on February 17, 2010 at 8:24 am

    not that am trying to defend Jalango and Larry i have studied journalism and i think the two clowns are good and there just doing what they got to do best ……….

  35. Posted by Mzeya on February 17, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Let me reinforce this: Capital breakfast is TOO TOO TOO much talk, too many adverts. In one hour you get like 3 songs only (which they of course interrupt). Anyway, I moved and from this review it seems things havent changed there.

    Not to preempt your review, I like HomeBoyz. There is a way these presenters just complement one another. There is never any discord. And they have passion for music.
    Most of the presenters in other stations just read music reviews from wikipedia word for word. (hint: Listen to Hot96 reviewing an artist on weekends)

  36. I believe the criticism has been brought about by a teacher reviewing a former student on perfomance based on the teachings…if it is wanting is also partly due to listeners tolerating bad radio presenting..such forum should be applied by all who are in the business of providing broadcasting services..well done Mr Critic!

  37. Posted by the realist on February 19, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    i agree with you on everything except:
    Kalekye and shaffie: there’s no pair that compiments each other the way these two do.,they always make u laugh.!! u wanna be stuck in traffic longer just to listen to them..Love them.!

    gaetano and rae: I actually don’t mind them, i prefer these pair to seanice and fareed., i think they lived in a world of their own those two.! The show was less of kenyan and more american in that not hype, but veery monotonous way.!

    cess and maqbul:this is where capital lost it.! no humour whatsoeva, no vibe, no nothing.!! completely boring.! they should just shut up and just let the music play coz one thing for sure capital has the greatest music, all round.! The jam was THE JAM when Marcus and Leo hosted the show.! Allan did try tho.,

  38. Posted by David M on February 22, 2010 at 9:15 am

    This blog and its reactions has made me laugh too much. Everyone has a right to their own views and radio presentation is an art form like any other – some love it, some hate it. I have a rough idea who the critic might be but that’s not really important right now.

    As a former radio presenter myself (show/station withheld), I can only add that one has a target audience and has to measure against that market reach, which clearly will not appeal to all….except in the days of V.O.K

    Keep the comments coming!!!!!

    Asante sana

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