Rants from an expert PART 2!!

Radio Citizen

Good evening Kenya
Don’t look at me,  am busy asleep at that time,  I ain’t listening, are you? If you are, good for you.

Ohh yeah I was on Radio Citizen’s midmorning. Those two women sound bitter with life and bitter with their jobs. They often come off as rude. Someone needs a lesson. I ain’t saying they be fired but think along those lines

Drive (Tina and is it Mnai? (The guy with the kao accent)
Show’s quite good but the comedian gives it more flavour with his humour. Tina a bit of advice… don’t loose him.

Waweru Mburu

Ohh yeah before I forget that guy, who does the commentary (Waweru Mburu) on the day’s events…the controversial one, he  should get his own frequency. He’s good.

Any other left?

Naa! Upcoming radio stations should take lessons from Citizen…they show persistence works. They started making money after 10 good years of sweet and toil…it’s all about consistency.

Homeboyz Radio (Radio ya mahommie)
First off all get it right on who you’re targeting. Is it that guy from school high school or colle or the guy on his first job AMA that guy whose are settled in life. Cause clearly you have a fan base of wannabees…you don’t believe me look at your beenieman gig. How many guys showed up after all the noise all y’all made…14…sorry plus management and staff. Anyway let’s head to the presenters.
Breakfast: G-Money (Mr.Ego)
When you started you were crappy couldn’t pronounce right the names of the streets you’re supposed to be representing but good you took some Swahili classes. Good you don’t do politics but was that part of the strategy AMA you was afraid your ass was going to be deported back home(Jamaica/UK).
Your presenter engagement is good and you’re a breath of fresh air. One thing stop forcing on us some of that UK music some of it is even worse than our own Kenyan music.


Midmorning (My block with the stud Jack Omamo)

Nice concept enthusiastic presenter (Hot 96 didn’t know how to tap into your potential) the music perfectly picked out and especially with the time. One con, as your tag says, reppin the streets aren’t you supposed to rep it all? From Kile to Kibera to  Langata? Why the selective nature (oops I forgot some hoods ain’t that friendly huh! But wait si there are AP’s for hire
One to three AMA is it 1,2,3 with Nick the pimp

Good concept right persona to push it. Always up to the task to entertain but just cut on the wanna be American weng (we know u study at USIU so do most of your listeners). At times you try to sound too smart way overboard…cut it out if you don’t have anything to say play good music your fans will love you for not boring them.

Ignition with Mike Gachanja

Good voice and mature presentation for a first timer. But cut out too much high school AMA school stuff you sound like you’re still hang up on school. If you are, you can go back and be the third the late mzee Maruge (RIP).I hope you get the texts you read out cause they sound so believable.

The jump off aka mpanga wa kando with “the new hip-hop queen” Corrine ama it’s crrne the way you say it

Perfect energy but too much for the evening (Maybe you should try breakfast we need that kind of energy to face in the morning in Kenya we all know how it is don’t let me start that)

I like the improvisation in trying to bring back sexy (The fading out then talking then fading back to the music but this thing is so KBCish or should I say Machokaish. That’s a chapter we closed we have FM now but if you & G money want to keep on doing or it gets you off…go to KBC they’ll gladly take you in) We don’t want our favourite song being interrupted or else we’ll buy CDs and you’ll have no job so actually go back and “rep the streets” tarmacking.

One more thing since you “lived” in the states for a while, before you conduct interviews with our local artists do your homework on how to pronounce their names and some sheng. I once heard an interview with P-Unit and it was terrible you shrank and were asking questions in English while they answer in sheng. That was a bit off keep it up and if it’s consistent you might just make one “hip-hop queen” hang her boots or heels in this case.

The velvet room with Tero

Nice voice to listen to but you lack the spank/the punch I.e. instead having those themed nights of sijui request etcetera why not have a “Jerry Springer” kinda show? Or some busted kinda thing? There’s a lot of infidelity around & mipango ya kando expose them be the change since a lot of Kenyans are sad coz this love thing ain’t working out for them so set a trend and you’ll always be remembered. Research on relationships in Kenya and love life’s plus marriages. You’ll be amazed about what you’ll find out (Ask Steadman)


Gods favourite show (What’s up with the blasphemy some of us are religious if you’re not join Jay Z  and expand his clique) with Dj John & G money

An ideal Saturday show but the timing is all wrong. Whose awake at that time? And if they are some of us would appreciate some nice soft music to nurse you know what. Too long links even if it’s the format that’s too much. Ever heard of prerecording? Talk to Maina.

Play list(Corrine)

Refer to the jump off ohm yes and listen to Rickdees spontaneity on the features hint hint.

Fun @ 1 With Tero n Koi (groupies)

First of all who let these two high school girls on the airwaves? First thing these two need to understand is when you’re a presenter you’re a star so if you start groupie in on particular “hot artists” your “star” status goes down I.e. your fans have a bad taste in their mouth since they are the ones who are supposed to be groupies, you’re stepping on their shoes. Anything else? Nothing new to listen to.

Rock central(or whatever the name of the show is)

With the female in a man’s body Taylor Murathe. The weng, the weng if ratings were all about wengin you’d have a closet full of them Grammies. HBR don’t be fooled the so called rock fans aren’t really here the ones that listen and go to rock Wednesdays are just being blown by the wind coz of the so called lack of words…upepo.

The sauce sorry source

Don’t listen am busy learning about the hottest private joints around but wait when Dj Kid was doing it it made sense since it provided new music as the name states but y’all had to “sauce” it up by bringing a so called Dj who needs to be on a diet or else he’ll have a heart attack during the mixes.

Done with HBR let’s get now to it’s direct street representer
Ghetto Radio

Marvellous idea but couldn’t you researched on the number of people who want and don’t want to be associated with the “Ghetto”? Surely G-Radio couldn’t even come up? Anyway…

what can I say…… Rapcha the future. Mwafrika not a morning person you don’t have the energy or charisma to psyche up someone in the morning. You used to do a hip-hop show what happened? No chemistry

Niaje niaje(What’s up what’s up) with your girl next door

Right energy but try as much to slow it down you sound like a nagging wife. She’s informed even with her topics worth checking out. One more thing stop with the bashings of your opposite sex you sound sexually/relationship deprived.

Afternoon(Goteana with D am not going to go into the aka’s you’ve got too many are you from Tanzania?)
Wait a minute weren’t you the one who had a deadly midmorning show with K on YFm? What happened ohh sorry shut down. You sound like someone who knows what they are doing but on the wrong show. Reggae at that time? As of the moment we have a station that plays reggae if we want it we know where to go.

Fridays kicks with the mixes what happened to the Dj’s?

Drive with the two goons

Hahahahahahaha! Are you serious? Okay every time the show is on I find myself cringing as I confirm whether my wallet is still there & my expensive phone(to probably put it on silent mode)

Evening kabisa
Only one question what the he’ll happened to Diana? Find her or else forget about me wanting to advertise on the station.

Do you have something? Ohh nearly forgot the hip-hop show about Nairobi don’t know it’s name but it’s the one try it on breakfast. Just flip the play list a little to attract more listeners


SIDE BAR. You asked for an ‘expert’ on radio matters. You got one. His grammar is not all that – but we chose to have this piece go ‘live’ the way it is.  These are his unedited opinions…some of them hurt to put up cause they walked all over some of our ‘interests’ .



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  1. Posted by Mainest on February 15, 2010 at 4:20 am

    LMAO!!!! Really?

  2. Posted by Njoroge on February 15, 2010 at 5:48 am

    Yo’ its always Capital Or Homeboyz radio…this shit is getting old. Can you come up with better ways to dish dirt without dissing people ? its really lame and if you were a professional blogger then you’d know.
    I used to love your blog but now its just about Hbr or Capital…. seriously give us more juice like how Maina Kageni is in Vegas chasing small boys.

    Ed Note Being a professional blogger is not something Pius or any of us had in mind when we came on board last month. Njoroge my friend, it’s not all about Capital. Read all the 470 posts and you’ll see that. On Maina running around chasing Latino boys, didn’t y’all BLAST Pius for ‘Invading’ personal space a few weeks back, when he talked about a certain celebrity couple?

  3. Y’all need to get off Taylor’s d!ck. The number of times that kid’s been mentioned on this blog is kinda worrying…

    • Posted by Anonymous on February 16, 2010 at 11:21 am

      I suspect Taylor’s regular appearances in this column are related to this blogger’s obsession with homosexuals and homosexuality…in denial much, Pius?

      Ed note Hahahaha…I didn’t write the article – obsession? Really?

  4. Posted by juliet on February 15, 2010 at 6:33 am

    wtf???do you guys have better things to do other than hate??let me just bring this to your attention.if corrine,taylor and Gmoney didnt exist.all yo broke asses wouldnt have a thing to say…shame

  5. Posted by Mr. Burns on February 16, 2010 at 6:27 am

    I cosign 30% of this write-up and it’s so sad that folks are acting RICH on a blog-post calling other people who don’t kill nobody they just giving they opinion BROKE A**SES…fuck vanity and fuck whoever is acting Bill Gates on a blog comment.You Juliet or whatever ya name is should kill yourself. It’s never that serious..Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is so much a** kissing around cuz folks always want to maintain the Status Quo so when someone tries to highlight sh*t folks go mad…we see the same sh*t on mainstream Magazines (Buzz & Zuqka) and folks never say sh*t to those article writers,they dine and drink together without showing no resentment but when a lil known blogger shares His/Her opinion folks start this fake blood clot cries as if they on this people’s payrolls.

    ofcourse the fact that someone is making money doesn’t mean He/She is perfect and doesn’t mean only Rich folks can air their opinions cuz I believe when the Synnovate Group( Steadman) do their listener-ship research they ensure they’ve taken views from every level of the society. It’s like saying just coz a drug baron is makin money,then the cops or related authorities shouldn’t talk about it or just coz a Politician is makin alot of money through corruption then the poor earthlings on the slums shouldn’t talk about that sh*t..I mean c’mon people let’s be cilvilized and let other people talk. when the government censors the Media,everyone goes crazy and here y’all are doing xactly that. If I’m not wrong the Blogger is still on the confines of the blogging spirit(check out the meaning of a blog/blogger).

    Like I said i don’t agree with 70% of the article which means I don’t give two-cents to what the 70% entails but I’m not gonna call a brother/sister expressing him/herself a broke ass..that’s gross and just how uncivilized y’all are..

  6. never been here before but have read the media rant posts. the first was made great by the informative comments that came of it. i listen alot to ghetto radio and some how agree with you about the chem between raptcha and mwaf. my opinion is D blended well with raptcha. Mwaf has better chem with dj zaq, and the name of the show is nai-raw. i wish it was more of a daily show. i didnt like your criticism of their drive show, fika mtaani. insinuating domain n cafu are theives was wrong. no one gets as street as they do. and their show is one of the best on ghetto radio. my fav show on hrb is jack omamoz because of the music. period. am no expert mimi ni raia tuu, just putting in my side.

  7. this ‘expert’ is way off when talking on Domain and Kafu….those are two of the most authentic sounding mofos on radio…this piece as opposed to the part one posted last week, is not a critique but rather a roast….what does his personal fear of people who speak sheng stealing his wallet have to do with the quality of the presenter?

    another thing that put me off with this article is that clearly this writer isn’t the least bit interested in most of the shows he has given opinions on and as such his criticisms should be taken as attempts at humor and provocation….why do i say this….the writer doesn’t know the names of shows and/ or the hosts….even when I review an artist/ album I don’t care for, I try to get the names correct unless poking fun at the artist….and in the latter, i make it known that i’m playing….

    however i must also have not read the title of the post the first time around, “rants from an expert”….these are the writers personal opinions and as such, maybe i should have never taken his more professional critique in part 1 as seriously as i did this….i’m sure the objective of the post to get more hits must have been achieved….


  8. Posted by GossipGirl on February 16, 2010 at 8:09 am

    Word of advice to the ‘expert’. Work on your grammar, do your homework on the presenters and shows you’re analysing, sound like you got past STD 5, and perhaps people will take you seriously.

  9. Posted by Tikolo on February 16, 2010 at 9:22 am

    This should be termed ‘points of view of some random person who listens to radio…sometimes’. Cheerz 4 the info, but not exactly an expert view is it? I really enjoyed last weeks rant, cause of the comments and the debate it sparked. This one, not so much, but i apprecite the time you took to write it all up. 🙂

  10. Posted by Lentils on February 16, 2010 at 10:38 am

    This brokeass agrees with Mr. Burns.

  11. Posted by Tony on February 16, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    Pius get back to blogging!!! this is soo f’ing boring. i’de rather watch paint dry on a wall.

  12. Posted by MR.MUIRURI on February 16, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    I am a Mass Communication lecturer at one prominent Uni in Kenya and i was listening or rather monitoring all Radio station and trust me though i didn’t understand all they were saying especially the gentleman, kudos to Ghetto Radio show, Kabisa..They really tackled issues head on and i felt greatly entertained.These are the kind of Radio Presenters to take the Kenyan youth to another Era..

  13. Posted by Mainest on February 17, 2010 at 4:41 am

    Me siwezi ambiwa hivyo!!!!!

  14. Posted by achie on February 18, 2010 at 12:20 pm


  15. Posted by Anita on February 18, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    HE HE HE Welcome to the world of the famous…..check of Yahoo-OMG! n u will see more haters……it happens all over as long as celebrities are around…they give the best juicy gossip whether its true or false…………..he he he this blog make me laugh….LOL

  16. Posted by Peris on February 18, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Great job. Most of these comments sound like they are coming from employees of HBR and Ghetto Radio. People should learn to accept both negative and positive criticism and work around it.

  17. Posted by xxx on February 18, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    btw, me knowy who wrote this article and dude u are talking things personally, look at urself first!!! n FYI u din shape anyone in this industry. Pius if this is how ul operate ur blog then ul loose the credibility, u can do better than this. Oh and don bother to ckeck my mail address!!!

  18. Posted by Fan wa Radio on February 19, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    I only knew of this site after the Arunga saga.As Peris states,this story and comments might have been written by staff from HBR,GR or RMS..Peris might be one of them and maybe the writer was fired or unhappy at his studio..First let me do my ranking of the stations at different times.Morning: 1.Capital, 2.Kiss, 3.Hot96 4.GR 5.Rest…Mid-Morning: 1.Hot96, 2.Easy, 3.GR 4.Kiss 5.Rest… Afternoon: 1.Capital 2.Hot96, 3.HB 4. Classic 5.Rest…Drive: 1.Capital 2. Kiss 3. GR 4.Hot96 5.Rest..Evening: 1. GR 2. Capital 3..Hot96..4..Kiss 5..Rest…Late night-Kiss to sleep…That is how it is…You Radio guys jst talk your talk and play the music and let us judge you……

  19. Posted by fifi on February 21, 2010 at 6:41 am

    Come on people learn to take in criticism all in a good stride,when you get this it means that someone is actually listening and if they are,there may be truths in it,you understand,change what you can…fuck the hating part,if you ask me maybe some of the experts’ opinion were very personal,he left his brains and used his emotions ,and that’s where he went wrong,well im one of the guys that got the criticism,i know what to do,as for the rest do the same…oh please presenters stop using yo people to fight yo battles or aka s to pretend they are yo fans grow up…take in the criticism no matter how retarded some look and sound lmao!

  20. Posted by Your Boy on February 21, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Am a huge fan of media takeout but didnt know there was a kenyan version all we need now are photos..You kenyan radio guys are some of the most unprofessional people i have ever heard in the world..If this writer trained you all as he claims then i see where you are from..A story is written about you then you are still all over the place commenting on it.Sad to note it might be Hot 96 which belongs to the Royal family, Home Boys or Ghetto Radio staff who are commenting..Let your fans fight your battle for you.You should be making ends meet not wasting valuable time..Going by rant1 and 2,the writer is the one who is clearly sexually deprived not the niaje niaje chick as he/she claims coz how else would you want dinosaur Cess and extinct Diana on air? For your masturbation purposes…The true queens of Radio are indeed Eve,Rangi ya Thao,Radul and Sanaipei.For Gentlemen on Radio,this i leave to the ladies to decide.For the vote of favorite shows,i listen to Capital or Kiss morning only for an hour till 7.All day nothing to talk about..Evening 7-9pm Monday-Capital. Tuesday-Ghetto Radio. Wednesday-Kiss.Thursday-Ghetto Radio.Friday-Capital..With the Arunga fiasco,when are we getting for tv,then newspapers then Internet where i think this is the blog to watch out for..Give us more…

  21. Posted by A Milli.fm on February 24, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Media personalities are all twisted personalities..Arunga,Jeff Koinange and many more..If the writer of this blog is so into pre-historic Cess and Extinct Diana (if you dint say she was at ghetto fm we would never had remembered who you were talking about) and he claims he’s build almost all in the industry then we understand how much twisted radio personalities are…Arunga was our heroine but look at how she ended up..Going back to Radio its time you guys cleaned up your act..Our Radio queens remain,Radul,Caro Mutoko, Eve, Rangi ya Thao,Talia,Tero and the goddess Sheila M…We should have media awards and it should neither be Kisima nor Chaguo la teenz.

  22. Posted by Tim on March 15, 2010 at 11:56 am

    Media personalities are finally being brought to the limelight…I read this bit then listened to the stations for a week..Capital morning,drive and evening rocks..Kiss only morning and drive same as classic..Home boys though it sounds like a gay station has a good afternoon show on friday till sunday..Ghetto Radio has the drive and evening show.Mid-morning the lady should tone down maybe have some relaxing sex while on air.Hot 96 very good music but poor presenters.I also learnt one thing the pay gap between staff at Capital, Kiss,Citizen and Ghetto Radio,Homeboys on the other hand is like the gap between Christiano Ronaldo pay and Mathare United player, Fighter’s pay….

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