I want your wife…

Let’s face it; once you’ve seen one British slap- stick comedy, you’ve seen all of them. Same bloody story lines, same style of writing, same technique, same jokes sometimes! Trust me. I’ve seen MANY of them.  “I want your Wife” was yet another one. I doubt whether this is its original title; since the producers “Festival of Creative Arts” are known for picking up a British Comedy, changing its title, adapting it to “sound more local” and performing it. One wonders why…  Some people have whispered it is to avoid paying royalties but as far as we know, it could be anything. Even that!

Kenyans love these plays though. I guess that’s why FCA keeps staging them. They’ve been filling houses in the past few years so I guess they’ve got that part right! The show was good but it wasn’t great. Here are two things that would have made it great:

1)     Leave Mbeki Mwalimu out of the cast a few times. She is the “Production Manager”. She’s probably great at it, but word has it she’s better at managing the producer! Aaaanyway, she insists that she’s an actress and has appeared in 6 of the last 8 plays they’ve staged. I missed those two so I can’t say. But whenever I’ve seen her, I’ve always thought;

“hmmm… her again. Isn’t it interesting how she’s always the same?” She could play nun, wife, whore, grandmother, beggar, billionaire’s wife,….  Doesn’t matter. She’s the same woman every time!

It would have been great to NOT see her once. Her technique is lacking and she was not convincing as Joe Kinyua’s wife this time either. Watch some pros and develop some discipline.

2)     Leave the bloody play where it is. Some jokes don’t travel folks. Just admit it’s an English play and move on. Trying to convince us that this couple live in South C and the husband is passionate about this garden in which he grows artichokes? Really? Which husband that look like this do you know in Kenya who does that? If they exist at all, they don’t live in South C! Leave the English references intact so they are still relevant or pick a play by a local writer.SMH!

At least for eye candy there was this hottie in the cast who’s name or performance I can’t however remember…

That said, shouts to Joe Kinyua and Nick Ndeda (who I’ve never listened to on radio but can confidently say that acting is one thing he does very well).

You gentlemen held your own even as the rest of the cast gave mediocre performances at best.

Words by Samantha.

The Play was on for the last two weekends


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  1. Posted by marita on February 17, 2010 at 4:43 am

    Clearly no-one cares about this such stories…get us stories we need progressive stories and not hate.
    heard of NTV relaunch for instance?

  2. Posted by Willy on February 17, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    I loved the play, but its too common a story…..

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