The track debuted this week and it’s getting maad reviews. What do you think of it?

Am told the original remix was more than 10 minutes long!!! Code Red says,  they cut out some artists who had recorded verses for the track


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  1. Bamzigi’s verse is murder!!!! Best verse on the record….


  2. Posted by kiraitu on February 24, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    There’s nothing special about this track. Absolutely nothing. Just packing a bunch of “celebs” singing nothing of maana into it doesn’t make it harsh.

  3. Posted by Mr. Burns on March 3, 2010 at 8:32 am

    what y’all expect? that a Madtraxx joint to be whack? did y’all know he from CodeRED? Like y’all forget the amount of ass-kissing on this entertainment biz where who you are matters more than what you can do…Madtraxx is a Dj not an ‘singer’ I don’t think He raps either. the only joint Madtraxx ever got involved and was kinda dope was the colaboration with Mejja n the other Calif dude Jimwat..ofcourse Mejja n Jimwat held their respective verses down and they had sense in them and the flows were tight,madtraxx sucked on that joint but the Industry gave him a pass a benefit of doubt kind of..this joint is the whackiest joint to ever gotten an airplay.everyone sucked even Bamzigi n Collo didn’t make any sense..I know folks like to venture in other sectors of the industry but if you can’t do something..Moveon and try the next sh*t instead of soliciting unnecessary co-sign. and the sad story is no one in the entertainment industry not even the bloggers nor the Mainstream magazines are able to tell such people off,but wait till they start writing how whack Abbas is and how Bamboo is a wanna-bee and how they don’t make no money…I know the industry is sick and ailing btu someone will have to do something..The Media did their best to killed Hip Hop and they always the first people to write how the Ugandan whack hip hop scene is first rising..if y’all think i’m hating when is the last time you had an Wenyeji,Black Duo etc on Prime-time radio shows? and when’s the last time you checked pulse or zuqka and found and up n coming Hip Hop artist being reviewed? or even a Hip Hop track or Video being reveiwed? I’m not just defending Hip Hop but i’m just highlighting the rot which is in this industry..Kiss Tv got a program called 16 bars for hip hop but trust me since the inception of that Program I’ve only watched Nazizi’s Jeshi ..maybe i’m wrong but yes I still insist someone/some people need to do something..

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