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Who are they trying to impress???

NTV and KTN – who are you trying to impress with your Swahili bulletins? They use such big words sometimes I’m left hanging. I thought that bulletin appealed to those not fluent in English? And if you don’t know English, then that means wanajua kiswahili ya kuomba maji.

Speaking of Swahili bulletins – Lulu Hassan – darling I love you to bits – but go easy on the make-up.

Radio err – let’s wait and see

The Standard group has had us on the edge of our seats (well not really) for weeks now. Since they announced they were going to go into the radio biz peeps have been asking about it. They even hired Vinnie who was the producer on the hugely popular CITM.

In jana’s Standard they ran ads for jobs on their station. It’s gonna be a Swahili station!! SHOCK horror! Well not really, they were really confused over which format the station would take, it seems they chose the safer route…since by them going into the Swahili market they’d keep the audience the station they bought has.

Sources say they also chose this route since it would have a shorter break even period for them.  Really??? Q Fm is still suckling from the Daily Nation’s tittays.

Let see how this pans out – BTW they were thinking of naming the station Radio One. Creative huh?

Out and about

It seems Italia Masiero is going out more often, last week she was spotted at Brew Bistro in the company of Misiko. On sato she was out and about at Westgate looking stunning as ever!!

On Sunday Ngangalito was on the streets of Nairobi looking shady as ever or is it being confused by the city buildings?


The rumour mill has it that the big heads at NMG have been thinking (since last year) to make the Business Daily a weekly. It seems advertisers are not kicking each other in the nuts over space on the paper.

Hope this won’t happen at all!

What a shame!!!!

A few weeks back I told you about Steve Biko and how he’d be big in a few years. I had begged (I was on my knees hehehe) CK to have him on breakfast at Capital FM.

Well word is that Eve and Somoina have taken out their wands and vanquished Steve’s chance of ever being on breakfast by FIRING HIM!!! Shock horror! Eve why do that? You have admitted that Capital in the Morning sucks and you were planning on making it better, I actually thought you’d give Steve that gig. I’m seriously PISSED! Steve rocked! Eve what did he do (or not do) SO NOT cool!!!

So far…

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