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Separated at BIRTH!!!

Hahaha just seen this on Michaels site – had to share

Here’s Ke$ha and John Travolta



You asked for it (it was already in the works) so I asked the AD GURU to send in the ad reviews. This will be a weekly feature

Colgate HERBAL

I couldnt find the one aired in Kenya – but here’s one that’s along the same lines

What in makmende’s name was Colgate thinking about that ad. Ok so, some campo guys have gone hiking in a non-existent greenery waterfall-at least if they shoot it at Thompson falls it would have been believable. Then there appears a beaver. Kwanza, for the sake of my grandma’s lost memory there are no beavers in this part of the world. They are habitats of North America and some parts of Europe with claims of them been extinct there-google search it Danke!

Secondly that beaver speaks in English that is clearly not Kenyalish. At least if they chose another rodent, mammal or whatever that devours wood; even a goat would do and put a serious kuyu, Luyha or even jang’ accent it would have made it authentically Kenyan. The folly of these multinationals is to copy paste their ads in the west and spoon feed us. Dear misinformed Westerners we aint that stupid as you are made to believe! KAMON! Localise the dang ads… NKT and another NKKKTTT!

Sona Moja – Some type of pain killer

Moving on swiftly… one evening I was idly surfing when I came across a channel I thought was extinct-KBC. And there was an ad-Sona moja-which made me stay put. For one I thought the makers of headache had fired their ad agency and hired some slackers masquerading as ad people. Kwanza, the quality of that ad is very poooor with the picture quality been grainy-even my grandpa’s camera (those one where you had to place a black cloth over them) would have made clearer pictures. Secondly these people made a shoddy work by imitating headache.

Listen, Sona holdings the makers of Sona moja, if you gona shamelessly copy an ad concept can you please outdo the original makers. This ad just makes you such clowns, and if your idea was to be the butt of fat laughing stock, you win. Thirdly, them actors… waaaa! Even a brain dead octogenarian vegetable could have put a better act than these clowns! Mwala and that conductor did a very bad comical act! And for Pete’s sake fire that ad agency and get real ad people to do your ads. Shindwe! Am done ranting today!

Words – Ad Guru

Bitch FEST Tuesday!!

EAM – gosh! It kinda sad, imagine all the stylists who made a name themselves cause of EAM, the photographers, the make-up artists! The messengers…it’s a fucking MESS…people don’t just leave like that! What happened to second chances! Now we’re left with African woman…which I’m pretty sure photocopies some of it’s pages! NKT!

Some young girls wanted to skin me a few weeks back – when I said James Smart had a face for radio…well jana he was co-anchoring with Peninah – Learning English – Karibe, and my pals who are very good at rating faces gave him a FF! Fucked Face hehe

Are the people calling on Kiss 100’s Rush Hour for REAL?? Wooow! I thought I had issues but wapi! Sijui one guy’s aunt wants a piece of him eeeek…some random mboch talking about how she’s giving her goods to the man of the house and his SON!

NTV kwani there was a buy one get one free offer on those silly Filipino soaps! Ama it’s just wanking material for Victor?? Have you noticed there are some actors who are in all of them!!

Belinda Obura, darling, babes LOSE THE FUCKING GLASSES!!!

KISS tv!! Where to start…please STOP repeating stuff aki please…and DNG errr NO COMMENT…and Classic TV needs to  get a life, we know you want to Tafrija all the time, but can you at least vet video quality!

First of all, not everyone is easy on the eyes!! So a few days back I was kinda shocked to hear a certain lady who is DEFINITELY not easy on the eyes complaining about her man! Woman, you’re lucky that fool looks past your obvious facial weakness!

K24 wants to poach…hehe

Koinange 24  is going around promising people huge sums of money if they quit their current jobs and join them. And where is their main target? ROYAL MEDIA!

They’ve approached most of the technical peeps, cameramen, sound peeps and even the OB operators! This is kinda funny considering K24 still transmits VIA KBC…nunueni your own stuffs first before spending on man power!

As you know there have been rumours of a HUGE ass re-launch ever since a certain rich man bought into the company. But MPAKA leo, apart from the poaching, nothing much is happening at K24…

BREAKING NEWS!!!! EAM shuts down!

Word from Langata road is that EAM is shutting DOWN with immediate effect!!!

So no MORE True Love, Move and even Drum!

It’s said the company was making huge losses.

This is sad – companies DON’T just shut down like this, I’m in shock!! The only quality reads 😦

I’ll give more details as I get them…

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Lip Synced

Wachira Waruru…genius?

Before I go on with this post…I must say WW is a very nice guy (He might not know I own this shitty space on the web) but we’ve talked mara kadhaa

Ww na marafiki

Now…I was with some Royal media peeps and I kinda said WW ni mambo yote…one of them toa-d that MSCHEEEEW sound (why can’t I do that 😦

But frankly I think WW has managed to assemble a brilliant team that is making us go gaga over Citizen and MOST of their other outfits. Wachira deserves the praise, remember how he quickly dusted off KBC kiasi when he was there?

So is Wachira a media biz genius?