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It’s a nice day for butchers na wenye hawana TP

The Star is FREE today!!! And we all know it’s only good use would be to wrap meat (insert sexual joke here) and be used to wrap shit…literally!!

PQ…my mentor 🙂 I’ll always have bile for the Star, cause at the Launch Breakfast for the Star, you told us it was going to be a different paper, with less focus on politics  and a heavy focus on human interest stories. Well the star is more like a glossy weekly citizen (sometimes)

In other news, flip to the gossip pages. Yaani Kerongo is shamelessly fronting all her workmates!

Plus Insyder VOTED her the best gossip blogger in Kenya…I feel insulted!


Big changes at Kameme FM

Two years ago Inooro FM pulled a ‘Kiss Fm’ on Kameme and poached their top presenters at the time, Njogu wa Njoroge and PM2. Maaaan!! Gotta love PM2. Anyway, now they’re back to Kameme FM and will be on air VEEEERY soon.

If you’re not a Kikuyu you would not understand why I have maad love for these two, but PM2 and Njogu are like Maina Kageni and Cess Mutungi, but broadcasting in kuyu. Kwanza PM, wacha tu!

Speaking of Kameme…their MD Rose Kimotho is on this month’s copy of Drum (grab your copy) she talks about the media house and other aspects of her life. She looks fabulous for her age.


People!!!! Ebu go grab Citizen weekly – although they’re not like the best when telling the truth – but hey! Read their story about the ‘FingaRRR of god. It has a few Capiro names in there – and the few things it has right is the fact Hellon has morning prayers every Wednesday with Capiro staff!!

It’s a fun read – but throw a side eye to some of their facts.

FUN FACT!! A nation Exec ONCE bought all copies of Citizen weekly

On the path to mainstream media…

So today I’ve woken up to some serious ass bashing via email. Being told I need to be mainstream like Pulse and Zuqka. LOL!Let me try and be mainstream and post a story that is ‘sensible’ enough to make it in the papers.

Marcus buys a new car

Former Classic 105 radio presenter Marcus Kwikiriza has bought a brand new car. A range rover. Marcus is excited over his new car.

Drum this month!

Read about how Carol Radull met her hubby Mike and check out the lovely pics from their beach wedding.

Also Gaetano shares his valentine plans with Drum aaand check out Drum’s interview with Jeremy Ndirangu – Kenya’s rep in the big brother house last year.

For those who read True Love, the cover story is about Belinda Obura…she looks amazing on the cover whaaa!!!


Am most likely kicking myself in the nuts by talking about court action! But here goes…

The Nation told us jana that the GSU officer shot on Friday had died! NOT! The guy is still alive and kicking! This guy needs to sue the Nation for ‘killing’ him, he won’t be the first. Some years back the Nation had a story on it’s back page about a lawyer who had died in a car accident. Turns out he WAS ALIVE and was not even in a car accident. The guy sued and got some cash from NMG!

BitchFEST Tuesday!!!

Now it’s been a while. First off that Media law, sadly our media houses are now on top of the roof calling for the law to be scrapped! But I ask…kwani walijua on sato about the law. They have had weeks and tonnes of chances to put pressure on the gava to scrap the law, but no they have to wait till the last minute. Our media is such a mess! Yaani they can’t even band together ALL the time. I’m sure if (after their meeting with the PM) they were serious about having the law scrapped it would have been at the top of the agenda. But our news is MOSTLY driven by commercial interests and the dumb fucks in the media forgot about their own houses burning!

Away from all that, the gava needs to start funding KBC or just sell it! WTF?? This week a good friend of mine was telling me the national broadcaster in debt totalling billions! And worse the gave still needs KBC to cover every stupid conference LIVE. And am told live broadcast cost a pretty penny.

I agree yes you’re gay, but bitch do you need to carry a handbag all the time and wear your sisters tops??? And that crap ati ‘I was born gay’ needs to die. Sexuality is a preference.

Jalango goodness!! And Larry they have the ‘blandest’ arguments EVER! This morning while talking about how Somalia is messed up, Larry tried to be funny about it – at 6.20 Am your JOKE fell flat Larry!

Isn’t it funny how our Media Celebs try to be intelligent on Facebook and we all know they’re thick like Paris Hilton.

*Disclaimer – by talking about the media bill, it doesn’t mean I’ve read it. No, I was just offering my two cents PLUS! Most of the broadcasters talking about the media law haven’t read it either! Kwanza the kawaida loud mouths!