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Fingers crossed!

Word is…Ian Dialo might be replaced by a young lady by the name Tina in a couple of days. Nope, they’re not firing him. Just replacing him

I can’t wait, that means the Classic 105 quiet storm is gonna get better – cause the last time I listened to Ian, he called having sex ‘Eating the biscuit’


Vincent kicks Citizen in the NUTS!!!

Vincent Ateya really owes SK and Afune a whole lot!! They believed in him and made a gamble with him…and now he’s moved to Milele Fm’s Breakfast. He was leading the BIGGEST radio show on the land!!!

The move has made akina SK weaks in the knees and his wife a bit weak on her face (Botox must be flowing hehe) cause Radio Citizen grosses a lot of mbecha fari fari for them, and Vincent was part of that cash cow.

But Vincent could have shown a little respect and give a LONGER notice…3 days ni madharau!

Unataka ngapi??

This is what Radio Africa’s GM Martin Khafafa was asking Maina Wa Kageni all weekend at the coast.

Maina was re-negotiating his already HUMONGOUS pay slip Рwith the GM,  and sources who are close to the two say, by Sunday evening, no new deal had been struck

Radio Jambo to re-format

Part of Quarcoo’s new idea is re-formatting Radio Jambo into a NEWS stations. So it’s gonna be 80% news 20% sports!!

Titties nagwalla will be the new PC…Radull heads back to being head of news – cause we all know she held down that job proper!!

My only worry is if Uji Uji and akina Ghost can hack serious issues

The lion at Lion Place is AWAAAAKE!!!

Patrick Quarcoo must have woken up and tripped on his mink rug (He’s classy like that) cause on Monday, he was giving bitches the ‘eye’ and pink slips!

Quarcoo sent home the head of news Rosemary Were, a mama who was brought from the Government spokeman’s office (of all places) by Michael Khafalfa and Paul Ilado. People had been complaining about her shadiness and the fact that radio news on Kiss and Classic was soo bland.

She was not the only one who got kicked out! Their TV sales Exec was told to kanyanga waiyaki way

Bitch Fest Tuesday!!!

Reporters in Kenya are becoming lazier by the day!! No research on stories ata kidogo, the Sunday Standard (The prefered gazeti by butchers, it’s not like it has anything worth keep it for) had a story about Nakumatt – they claimed Nakumatt was the largest chain in Sub- Saharan Africa…Standard, ever heard of Shoprite?????

NTV needs to stop being a shit hole and stop playing with the bleep thingi – Ever tried watching the very outdated season of Two and a Half men showing on NTV? They bleep it soo much – you want to pluck your pubes out!!

Can MP Johnston Muthama get a life and stop showing up at the Coro Fm studios. His kikuyu is PATHETIC!!!! And that show – I think it airs on Wednesday past 10 pm, ¬†needs a little intervention from the CCK…it sometimes takes a turn into ‘Tribal Avenue’

Speaking of MP’s…I heard Danson Mungatana barf that, the MP’s need a retreat. Danny, my boy just sema your news anchor mama has promised to only dish her goods in Naivasha! Wacha story mingi

I’ve talked about this before, jana on Kimathi street I was walking with my skinny jeans wearing pal and THEN!!! A gay dude walking like the g-forces are tugging on his hips!! Dude was trying to pull a ‘Miss Jay’ catwalk! And what’s worse is he was failing and is fucking UGLY!

Now one I was asked to write about, BUSTED weaves!!! Girls, please spare us the horror!!!! I come from a family with amazing hair, so weaves are foreign in my household. It makes me sad that a mama can have BLUE hair! Fucking blue!! NKT

Afro CINEMA – Citizen

Marcus speaks!!!

I caught up with Marcus on FB chat – and when I asked him when he goes on air – he said, not soon – unless it’s his own station – he said, yes there was a deal for him, smalls and Gae to host Capital in the morning, but he backed out – cause he says Capiro has too much drama! Hmmm isn’t his wife part of the drama?

Moving on…he said he’s working on the Blackstar web station which is going to offer very very good radio – let’s wait and see.

He says Pete Sinclair is part of the reason he left Classic 105, cause the old man had a weird way of working and Marcus was not ready to go down that road. And since he was the boss, he decided to just let him be and left Classic.