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Word is…

Word from Kenyatta Avenue is that Grace Msalame is no longer at KTN…so she’s no longer hosting Art Scene!

Btw I love the way she looks now – veeery hot


K24 wants to poach…hehe

Koinange 24  is going around promising people huge sums of money if they quit their current jobs and join them. And where is their main target? ROYAL MEDIA!

They’ve approached most of the technical peeps, cameramen, sound peeps and even the OB operators! This is kinda funny considering K24 still transmits VIA KBC…nunueni your own stuffs first before spending on man power!

As you know there have been rumours of a HUGE ass re-launch ever since a certain rich man bought into the company. But MPAKA leo, apart from the poaching, nothing much is happening at K24…

Wachira Waruru…genius?

Before I go on with this post…I must say WW is a very nice guy (He might not know I own this shitty space on the web) but we’ve talked mara kadhaa

Ww na marafiki

Now…I was with some Royal media peeps and I kinda said WW ni mambo yote…one of them toa-d that MSCHEEEEW sound (why can’t I do that 😦

But frankly I think WW has managed to assemble a brilliant team that is making us go gaga over Citizen and MOST of their other outfits. Wachira deserves the praise, remember how he quickly dusted off KBC kiasi when he was there?

So is Wachira a media biz genius?

In your honest opinion…

NTV and KTN are in a dick measuring compe with the fake money expose stuff…BUUUUT!! Most people kinda agree the KTN one was a bit errr.. while the NTV one looks thorough…but hey! Like I was told jana, I’m an idiot and my opinions don’t mean shit (they were right). So in your honest opinion, what do you make of the two investigative pieces

post number 500!!!

Bitch Fest Tuesday!!!

Reporters in Kenya are becoming lazier by the day!! No research on stories ata kidogo, the Sunday Standard (The prefered gazeti by butchers, it’s not like it has anything worth keep it for) had a story about Nakumatt – they claimed Nakumatt was the largest chain in Sub- Saharan Africa…Standard, ever heard of Shoprite?????

NTV needs to stop being a shit hole and stop playing with the bleep thingi – Ever tried watching the very outdated season of Two and a Half men showing on NTV? They bleep it soo much – you want to pluck your pubes out!!

Can MP Johnston Muthama get a life and stop showing up at the Coro Fm studios. His kikuyu is PATHETIC!!!! And that show – I think it airs on Wednesday past 10 pm,  needs a little intervention from the CCK…it sometimes takes a turn into ‘Tribal Avenue’

Speaking of MP’s…I heard Danson Mungatana barf that, the MP’s need a retreat. Danny, my boy just sema your news anchor mama has promised to only dish her goods in Naivasha! Wacha story mingi

I’ve talked about this before, jana on Kimathi street I was walking with my skinny jeans wearing pal and THEN!!! A gay dude walking like the g-forces are tugging on his hips!! Dude was trying to pull a ‘Miss Jay’ catwalk! And what’s worse is he was failing and is fucking UGLY!

Now one I was asked to write about, BUSTED weaves!!! Girls, please spare us the horror!!!! I come from a family with amazing hair, so weaves are foreign in my household. It makes me sad that a mama can have BLUE hair! Fucking blue!! NKT

Afro CINEMA – Citizen

She’s back!!!!

Julie Gichuru is back!!!! Judging from the feedback jana – Kenya was watching – she’s looked soo good wowhat!! And I had missed her presentation style, she’s like Diane Sowyer – with the way she add emotions to the stories.

Moving on…Citizen debut their new studio walalala – too glossy – and very big – clearly Macharia has won the dick measuring compe! Eih KTN and NTV needs to dump their virtual studios and go the Citizen way

And like someone on Twitter said ‘Finger of Hellon’ – don’t you dare come close to Julie.

Not bad

Word is, that this FIIIINE lady is going to be part of the new anchor line-up at Citizen TV. She was previously working at the Star…or is still working there. Her name is Zein Noor